Terms & Conditions - Refunds

All sales are final. There is no refunds on any payments. Payment plans are flexible. You may however transfer your booking to another person if we are able to accommodate that person. 


Terms & Conditions

- Installment Plans

Please note that installment plans are offered as a courtesy to clients. Should processing be unsuccessful on the first attempt, we will attempt to process the scheduled payment each day for the subsequent 2 days. Any payment declines not resolved within that 3-day time frame will incur a collection fee of $25.00.


Terms & Condition

- Failure to Pay

If your payment plan is not paid in fulfilled by 30 days prior to the trip (or DUE DATE otherwise specified)  we reserve the right to cancel your accommodations and all fees paid will be applied as a cancellation fee. 


Terms & Conditions

- Charge Backs/Bank Disputes

By using your Credit Card or Bank Account, via PayPal or otherwise, you hereby agree that you will not, under any circumstance, initiate any Dispute/Charge back with your Card Issuer or Bank because you fully understand that all fees are non-refundable.